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Security Camera Captures A Blowjob

Duration: 8m, 30s, Starring Carol T

(3 Votes)

As the security camera rolls, this couple is at work sweeping up the floors and completing their duties for the day. Little do they know that every one of their actions is being caught on camera. So they actually start to strip down in the warehouse and Carol gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock! She bobs her head up and down for several minutes taking him all the way down her throat. They both know that they only have a few minutes to fool around and they could get caught by their co-workers at anytime. What they forgot about is that they're being caught by the security camera anyhow as they finish and go back to work.

Fingering Her Pussy At The Factory

Duration: 7m, 4s, Starring Martina Jones

(5 Votes)

Martina Jones was working late one night doing some extra inventory. As she was counting out parts and putting things together she started to get bored and horny. She pulled up a chair, took off her pants and pulled down her panties so she could rub her nice shaved pussy. She grabbed one of the tools she used to do her job and slid it in her now dripping wet fuck hole. She pounded herself until she came twice, soaking the chair and the tool then pulled her panties and pants back on. Little did she know the security camera caught every second of the action.

Naughty Chick Sucking Cock in the Back

Duration: 7m, 34s, Starring Shannon E

(3 Votes)

Shannon E is easily distracted at work. All it takes is one big dick to get her all hot and bothered and apparently naked. She takes off everything but her sweet thong to give this guy a blowjob, working him nice and slow in her mouth. She is very nasty, swinging her head all over, spitting on his cock, and giving him a blowjob like a pornstar would. She bends over on her desk, wiggling that sweet ass of hers right on his crotch. She pushes it back harder and harder, letting his dick slip into her heavenly pink pussy wonderland.

Hidden Cam Captures Office Footjob

Duration: 6m, 28s, Starring Amanda Smith

(2 Votes)

Lucky this boss installed hidden security cameras to watch over his employees - both to catch the lazy fuckers slacking off on the job, and also because it means he can take the tapes home watch them for his own pleasure! Two bored coworkers are sitting around wasting time when they decide to get naked and have a little fun. The chick exposes her boobies and nicely shaved cunt, while the guy, barely visible at the side of the shot, takes off his pants. The dirty bitch jerks him off with her feet, pausing to give him a little handjob to spice up the footjob. Her lucky coworker spunks all over himself - lucky her took his pants off first!

Horny Boss Pounds Secretary Over Desk

Duration: 4m, 36s, Starring Kelly Wood

(6 Votes)

What red blooded man wouldn't want to nail his pretty blond secretary? One day this security cam was mistakenly pointed into this executives office, and captured him dealing to his office bitch on top of the desk. He lays her down on the desk and pulls off her short skirt and panties, unzipping his pants and shoving his cock into her moist vagina while the camera rolls and his other employees are right in the next room. He slams her hard before he turns her over, face down, and it looks like he manages to slip his penis right up her tight ass. He nails her from the back until he leaves a creamy deposit right up inside her.

Sweet Brunette Amateur on Candid Cam

Duration: 8m, 12s, Starring Kelly Stone

(2 Votes)

Kelly Stone has no idea that she is being taped right now. She thinks she's completely alone after a hard days work, but what she doesn't know is that there's a cam recording her every move. She pulls up her shirt, working her bra off slowly. Her fingers trace along those lovely tits of hers, and she starts rubbing at her boobies slowly. She flings her jeans off and slides them off of her legs. She slowly starts to rub at her pussy, working it up until she is ready to cum all over the couch. Yummy!

Hidden Cam Catches After Hours Blowjob

Duration: 13m, 5s, Starring Stacy Quilt

(Not Rated)

Stacy Quilt wanted a promotion at work so after most of the staff had gone home she went into her boss's office, went to her knees, fished his dick out of his pants and started sucking it. He knew she wanted the promotion and he was willing to let her work for it so he just laid back and let her suck. He told her to get naked so she did what he said and stripped off her clothes then went back to sucking on his cock. She blew him, sucked and stroked his dong then he stood up and showered her with his hot, sticky cum. She took the full load on her face and tits and got the promotion the next day.

Office Slut Jerks Off Co-Worker On Cam

Duration: 8m, 43s, Starring Gill Dawn

(12 Votes)

Every guy who's ever worked at an office has come across the office slut - that sexy young bitch who constantly teases you with her come-hither glances and low cut tops, who always makes you think that maybe she's interested. This lucky fella goes one step further and actually gets into the bitch! All he has to do is help her with a simple problem she's having with her computer, and she's so thankful she starts giving him a little back rub. Her hands move down his chest to his crotch, unzipping his pants and grabbing his aching cock. She jerks him until he cums and it's all captured on the boss's hidden security camera!

Big Tits Secretary Masturbates In Office

Duration: 8m, 49s, Starring Chelsea Strip

(4 Votes)

Busty secretary Chelsea Strip is staying late at the office one night, seemingly unaware that her every move is being recorded by the hidden security camera. She knows she's got work to do but she's so damn horny - especially after flirting with that hot new guy from accounts all day! She sits on the edge of the desk to read a report, but all she can think about it her aching pussy demanding attention. She spreads her legs, rubbing herself against the edge of the desk, then gets out her massive tits and her favorite dildo from her handbag and starts to fuck herself. She slyly masturbates herself to orgasm right there in the office.

Sexy Brunette Screwed On Massage Table

Duration: 9m, 3s, Starring Stephanie Brush

(6 Votes)

A hot brunette is lying on the massage table, being teased by the skillful hands of her masseur, in this real security cam footage. He expertly kneads her back, then tells her to roll over on to her front - only to start rubbing her breasts and working his way down to the pussy! She gets so wet and turned on that she tells him to strip and lie down on the bench. She sucks his prick to a full erection, then slips it inside herself and rides his huge meat. The crafty masseur turns her over and slams her doggystyle, rutting her hard and brutally until he pulls out and sprays his spunk all over her ass cheeks and back.

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